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Hot Weather Shipping

Here's how we store your Chocolate Delights & how we ship them to you too. We do NOT charge "extra" for "hot weather shipping". If you are overseas, there are extra considerations. Keep reading!

Storing Your Chocolate

Controlling humidity & temperatureFor best quality, chocolate should be stored in a nice cool place. It's OK for you to store it warmer than we do at your place, but this is how we look after your chocolate.

It's stored at around 18 degrees Centigrade & below 60% Relative Humidity. This is constantly monitored to keep it in top condition, ready for shipping.

Chocolate holds its temperature quite well & warms slowly so this sets it up nicely for the journey from our place to you.

You can expect to receive your chocolate delights in perfect condition!


Wrapping for Shipment

Wrapping your chocolate for shipmentWhen we receive your order we wrap it carefully in metalised bubblewrap.

This gives it protection from damage & the metal coating gives considerable protection against heat.

We also usually carefully "heat seal" right around your precious order.

Heat sealing" seals in the cool dry air & also means that warm air can't get into the enclosure as the package travels.
Cardboard carton for shipping to you
After carefully wrapping we then place your precious chocolate package into a corrugated box with plenty of air around it for even MORE protection both from heat and physical damage.
We MAY pop it all into an Express Post bag too if we send it via Australia Post's Express Post service.
Keep reading as to why we might do that!

Checking the Weather

Next we check expected weather between were we are & where you are & points in between if there could be "stop-overs" for your chocolate.

Weather where you are
Weather where we areWe use the Australian Bureau of Meteorology "app" on our iPhones & iPads. It's a VERY cool app from Shifty Jelly.

(We also use it to check the tides when we plan to take Misty, our Jack Russell Terrier for a swim too so her paws don't get too muddy on a low tide.)

The example is the weather expected for an order just received. It's destined for Perth, WA & we're in Jannali, NSW.

Although the temperature in Jannali is "good to go", weather in Perth where our Customer is, is getting hot in the next few days.

Today is Friday so if we mail today our Customer's Captain Chocolate chocolates would endure a weekend in a hot Western Australian Post Office. So we will check again on Monday & if all is well then we'll ship "Express Post" for an expected Tuesday delivery. Unless things "heat up" in WA over the weekend in which case we'll give our Customer a call to let her know what we think - & what she wants too.

Usually there are no delays & you'll get your order quickly!

Shipping Methods

Currently Captain Chocolate uses Australia Post's eParcels service to ship.

  • Regular "Australia Post" delivery
  • Express Post Delivery
  • eParcel International

If you are local to us we might even drop in! We prefer coffee to tea please...

At this time we decide which to use depending on a number of factors.

In general if you are north of Brisbane or in South Australia or Western Australia we'll probably use Express Post simply as we want it there as fast as possible.

You don't pay any more - Captain Chocolate just wants to delight you!

We Ship Chocolate Late in the Day

Shipping at nightWe always ship as late in the day as we can. The staff at Jannali Australia Post Office help us out there.

This means that your order travels at night when it is cool.

We call this "cool running". (Did you like the film?)


"Please Protect" - Chocolate" Labels

Chocolate please protect labelWe figure that your local postie is cheerful & wants you happy too!

So we pop a "CHOCOLATE - PLEASE PROTECT! label on your package too.

On the front & on the back!

That way your "locals" know & can help us both out.

Special Requests

possum.jpgIf you have a special request we will try hard to assist.

Usually this is "Please leave out of sun on front porch" or similar. Of course we can only ask your local Postie or Driver - they are usually pretty good!

We did have a request to pack carefully as the local possums were a bit too curious. 

So we packaged carefully, created a the special sticker (to the left) & arranged a personal delivery late in the day just before the family arrived home (the Customer was local).

The possums never stood a chance & not a single chocolate was lost!

International Shipping Considerations

 Shipping to New Zealand is quite easy. We regard that as "local" for treatment and wrapping of your chocolate delights.

However if you are further away such as in the USA there can be issues that we can't always cost-effectively overcome.

If you order in your own "summer time" (eg in the USA, May to September) by the time your chocolate gets to your country your chocolate delights MAY begin to deform if the temperature is high. So please do take your own local weather conditions into consideration when you order internationally.You can be certain that we will do ALL we can "our end"!

If you are in Australia or New Zealand we will work out it out for you.

That's How We Look After You!

 Of course we HAVE had the occasional problem but that is rare. Even when shipping into the Outback or Northern Territory our shipping system works - without your having to purchase special "hot weather shipping packs".

If you DO have a problem, contact us so we can discuss.

You will be welcome - we WANT to know - so we can address any issue & figure out how to take care of it! 

Our phone is 02-9589-2000 or send us a message.

Thanks from Captain Colin!


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