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Captain Chocolate Mails Internationally

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One of the markets that we do is Paddington Markets in Sydney. 

It's very much on International Tourist's "bucket lists" as it's iconic and well promoted on incoming international flights. It's also in many international tourist guide books. We have lots of fun welcoming tourists with "Hello", "Thank You", and "Goodbye" in as many languages as we can. And we do know quite a few now!

Captain Chocolate makes quite unique products and also to a very unique and high standard so we often have people galloping up to our stand to buy for friends that have been to Sydney - or to restock!

It seems unreasonable to us that people need to go to these lengths. So we have "done a deal" with Australia Post to get international shipping as low as possible. 

AND opened up www.captainchocolate.com.au for international shipping!

GST gets automatically credited too - which makes buying even more economical for our International friends!

So far we can ship to New Zealand, most Asian countries (Asian people are excellent Customers!), USA and Canada. We'll open more up as we are asked to do that.

If YOU have a request send us a message and we'll work it out for you.

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