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To Market to Market to Catch a Fat Pig...

Captain Chocolate slaves for hours and days to make wonderful products. But it's not enough to make delectable products - we need to SHOW the world just how good they really are!That's why the Captain get's "out there" to meet discerning tasters. We go to markets! To meet YOU!Paddington Markets, Como Markets, Wild Ones, many [...]

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Inca Berries are Exceptionally Healthy!

I have been reading an article on Inca Berries (Captain Chocolate sells them coated in Dark, Milk and also Dark with Chilli Chocolate) and they are IMPRESSIVE little berries! 45g contains more potassium than a small bananaThat same 45g provides more that 25% of an adult's recommended daily fibre needs That's more than double of most fruits [...]

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How to mail chocolate

Mailing chocolate is not as easy as it would at first seem. While there are a good number of things to consider three are top of mind at Captain Chocolate. That is doesn't melt on the way to you! In the cooler months this is not too much of a challenge. But in warmer months it [...]

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Speaking at Sydney's Aroma Festival!

Whoo Hoo! We have just been asked to speak about how we pan our chocolate at Sydney's Aroma Festival at the Rocks in July!How exciting is that? There are two other speakers too, both very accomplished high-end chocolatiers. So we feel very privileged indeed!This speaking thing is taking on a life of its own. Rotary [...]

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Dairy Free Chocolate

Lots of people ask me for "dairy free" chocolate when we go to the various markets. Captain Chocolate's dark chocolate is dairy free! Not a milky whisker! So if lactose is your enemy, Captain Chocolate is your friend!All of Captain Chocolate's product lines come with a dark chocolate version. Chocolate coated coffee beans, [...]

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Chocolate at Farmers Markets

Captain Chocolate really wants to get into your headspace. That is, to hear what you, as a Customer like, hate, feel, are inspired by, when it comes to chocolate.So we go to farmers markets such as Paddington Markets in Sydney, or larger shows such as Good Food & Wine in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. [...]

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Captain Chocolate's first blog post

Here's our brand new website! It's all a bit daunting but I've bitten the bullet (actually it feels like a mouthful of bullets) and here it is.Please - DO tell us what to fix, what to add, what to take away... Gee - I can make chocolate stuff but this website lark is a big [...]

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