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How we make Chocolate Nibbles!

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We've written up the process we use to make Chocolate Nibbles.

Click here to link to the page.

I think you'll be really interested at the process & why we make them.

Hope you enjoy the page!

Chocolate Nibbles Progress

It's a couple of months since the Captain dreamed up the Nibbles. Here's how it's going... Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Nibbles were first & are immensly popular! The lovely folk at SwissĂ´tel Sydney stocked them for their mini bars! Many people asked for Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Nibbles. So we made them & they too are [...]

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Two more medals from Sydney Royal Chocolate Awards!

Just heard! Captain Chocolate just won two more Silver Medals from the Sydney Royal Chocolate Awards last night!Lemon Myrtle Salted Caramel Chocolate Nibbles & also Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Nibbles.Now we have 50 Awards and Medals from Royal Shows across Australia!  Should have the artwork in about three weeks to pop on the bags to prove [...]

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Chocolate Nibbles - New Delicious Chocolate Balls!

I came up with the idea of "chocolate nibbles" when people asked me about "just chocolate" at markets at shows. At that time everything we did had a "centre" of some sort. Coffee beans, inca berries, cranberries - that sort of thing. In essence we HAD to have a "centre" as our technology - "panning" [...]

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Out and About Before Christmas

Captain Chocolate will be at LOTS of markets and fairs before Christmas. Here is what we have booked so far...Hope we can meet up!November - Sat 1 Paddington Markets, Sydney - Fri 7 Lugarno Public School - Sat 8 Paddington Markets - Sun 9 Newtown Festival - Sat 15 Oatley Primary School [...]

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Smooth Festival of Chocolate

How exciting! We have a stall at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate at The Rocks in Sydney this Satuday and Sunday! Promises to be HUGE!Are going to try to release our new Chilli Chocolate Nibbles - if we get them made and ready in time!

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Chocolate Nibbles

I have a dream. I want to make Nibbles...Making our own product (as opposed to "buying and repacking") means that we can deliver new & different ideas to Customers. Some do "flop", yet there is the potential to come up with something really special!Captain Choclate "pans" with chocolate. That means that we layer chocolate on [...]

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Awards and Medals

Captain Chocolate entered 13 items in the Royal Hobart Fine Foods Awards in 2014.The Show just advised us that we won 13 awards - every single item we entered received a medal!- 3 Gold - 7 Silver - 3 BronzeHow exciting is that? We enter these competitions so we can get professional feedback from Australia's top chocolatiers. They [...]

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Captain Chocolate delivery by Drone?

Fast, safe delivery is a major focus for Captain Chocolate. So we watch for ideas from everywhere!Amazon are one of the most admired ecommerce companies on Earth and for sure we're watching their ways and methods.We LOVE this video! Delivery by drone! Will it come to Australia? Would you like your chocolate delights delivered this [...]

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Captain Chocolate Mails Internationally

One of the markets that we do is Paddington Markets in Sydney. It's very much on International Tourist's "bucket lists" as it's iconic and well promoted on incoming international flights. It's also in many international tourist guide books. We have lots of fun welcoming tourists with "Hello", "Thank You", and "Goodbye" in as many languages as [...]

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